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We are seeking to build a team of dedicated and passionate athletes who are looking to better themselves by training with other like minded individuals. We are continuously striving to offer the best training opportunities for team member which includes group training, training camps and seminars. Group training sessions are coached by professional multi-sport coaches and elite level triathletes.

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Swim Tip - Head Position - From the rookie swim clinic we worked on body position. We demonstrated how head position and improve body position in the water. The desired state is to be streamline and on top of the water. Lifting the head up in the front causes the body to tip leaving the feet dragging beneath the water. Tucking the chin down with a good roll improves the body position greatly and keeps the feet on the surface. So keep your head tucked or looking down while swimming for an improved body position.

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Drew Payton
How did you get into triathlon? I love to work out and push myself. I have always enjoyed bike riding, jogging and just over the past year i have really gotten into swimming. So naturally i decided to pick up a sport to keep me in...

Why you do triathlons? I do triathlons not only to keep myself in shape physically but to mentally push myself further than what i think i can do.

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