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We are seeking to build a team of dedicated and passionate athletes who are looking to better themselves by training with other like minded individuals. We are continuously striving to offer the best training opportunities for team member which includes group training, training camps and seminars. Group training sessions are coached by professional multi-sport coaches and elite level triathletes.

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Not Just Water!! - So my tip is to focus on consuming additional water & sports drink the next few days leading up to your race... This would mean that you want to drink at least the normal 10 glasses of water or so but also ADD AT LEAST 1 gatorade or sports drink (at least 16 oz drink) PER DAY leading up to the race. What you DON"T WANT TO DO... is just drink water. What happens when you only drink water and taking in to much is that you dilute your system and your electrolyte balance gets way off.... so ke... [+]

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Member Spotlight [+]
Erik Bricker
How did you get into triathlon? Tore ACL playing soccer in 05', plus I used to road race in the early 90’s so i had some background

Why you do triathlons? Just love to race and go to travel to cool locals

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon? Skiing/Hiking CO, NM... [+]

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